Immaculate Order

The Immaculate Order is the official religion of the Realm. The Order teaches that the Dragon-Blooded are the pinnacle of the cycle of reincarnation, and by serving the Chosen, mortals can advance their place in the cycle of reincarnation.

Immaculate monks, especial those who have been blessed by the Dragons, are the intermediaries between mortals and the gods and spirits that inhabit Creation. Mortals worship as directed by the Immaculate Order. Gods must serve their duties, and not seek mortal worship.


One of the chief duties of the Immaculate Order is to lead the Wyld Hunt for Anathema throughout Creation. The title Anathema extends to the Lunar and Solar Exalted, said to have stolen power from the gods through demonic pacts, creatures of the underworld, Raksha horrors from beyond the edge of the world, and rogue gods who reject their position in the celestial hierarchy.

Immaculate Order

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