House Cathak

Fire That Marches Against The Tide
Colors: Red and Gold
Matriarch: Cathak Cainan (male)

Defined by passion and discipline, they excel as generals, soldiers, and strategists. Highly competitive in all arenas. Daughters of the house are expected to server militarily and husbands are expected to manage finance and administration. The House has adopted Cathak Cainan’s personal piety.

Cathak herself was a swordmaster and general formally adopted as a daughter of the Empress. She died and passed the mantel of leadership to Cathak Cainan

As a military house, Cathak has a history of maintaining house legions, who also acted as mercenaries in Threshold conflicts. Now, the house maintains eight legions, the largest force of any Great House. House Cathak’s military approach is direct application of overwhelming force. They maintain and hold onto the most valuable satrapies, while cutting investments in less profitable areas.

Despite their position of strength, House Cathak has no clear claim to the Throne and no strong allies. Cainan has publicly stated that he will support the rightful air and side against anyone trying to seize the Throne.

Allies and Enemies
Cathak has always maintained a military rivalry with House Sessus and House Tepet. Now, House Tepet has fallen and viewed with pity.

Sesus on the other hand is a despised rival, seen as undisciplined and underhanded. Most Cathak underestimate the effectiveness of Sessus spies and sabotage.

Cathak is wary of House Ragara, but financially entangled. House Cathak occasionally offers noises of support for Ragara’s claims, but little action.

House Cathak

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