The Fall of Jiara

Session 2, Part 2
A Dinner to Remember

Episode Link: A Dinner to Remember

At the House of Vn’eef Kai

  • Mnemon Sarissa arrives with a gift for Kai in apologies for the party crash
  • Everyone gets a chance to mingle – speaking about the political situation in Jiara
  • Sunzo and Sarissa reconnect
  • Shao Dun and Kai…talk
  • Arkan Kindara makes an entrance
  • Sunzo and Lynn have a refreshing conversation
  • Dinner is served
  • Shao Dun makes a toast
  • Kai educates Arkan about the significance of the meal

Player Characters

Key Characters

Session 2, Part 1
Dragons Gather

Episode Link: Dragons Gather

Scene Summary:

  • Mnemon goes to speak to her daughter, Sarissa, at her workshop regarding her mission and companions
  • Kai receives his lover Tovin as he prepares for his dinner party
  • Mara and Shao Dun have a discussion in a garden
  • Sanzo eventually receives Tepet Indaro for a discussion about family
  • Kai and Tovin find Mara in her quarters for introductions and talks of business



Session 1 - Part 2
The Matriarch of Jiara

Episode Link: The Matriarch of Jiara

Scene Summary:

  • Battle over they return to Kai’s villa
  • Kai and Maera catch up and reveal a secret
  • Runner summons them all to the Acropolis
  • Mnemon herself speaks with the group, recruiting them to crush the rebellion

Cast in order of Appearance:


Session 1 - Part 1
In With the Tide

Episode Link: In With the Tide

Scene Summary:

  • Maera and Shao Dun sail into port, suspect of a ship behind them
  • Kai and Sanzo get flowers to meet with Maera, discussing flowers and history
  • The Dragon Blooded meet and introductions are shared and tensions rise
  • TO ARMS! Lintha Pirate attack on the docks!

Cast in order of Appearance: