The Fall of Jiara

Session 6, Part 1
Aftermath from the fire

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In the town of Tefrenus

Sanzo discovers information about the last days of High Priest Hytimal, notably his growing hostility toward the Realm, and a rumor about a bird that flew from the Priest’s home just before the fire began.

Sarissa carefully investigates the remains of the fire-damaged house, bringing Shao with her. Their efforts turn up the presence of an unseen spirit muttering in a local dialect. Sarissa translates it as saying “My home, what has happened to my home?”

Working together they successfully communicate with the spirit, the ghost of Hytimal. It describes a small bird that transformed into a woman, who attacked it with a blade. When they’re convinced they’ve gotten all the information they can out of the ghost, Shao cremates its remains.

The next morning, the main characters gather and share their information. Mnemon Gia’Senai arrives. Kai questions her about the wisdom of seeking battle with Lunar Anathema. As the gathering discusses how to proceed, Maera volunteers to lead her soldiers forward to Daric, scouting as they go. The possibility of the presence of a Solar Anathema is raised, and the Dragons realize they will have to proceed forward somewhat in the dark about the coming dangers.

While the other dragons sleep, Kai writes a note: “I want to talk.“ The note is slipped inside the temple ledger. He later returns to the temple any questions the god Maykoy about his intentions.

Player Characters

Mnemon Sarissa
V’neef Kai
Cathak Shao Dun
Peleps Maera
Tepet Sanzo

Important Characters

Mnemon Gia’senai
The Field God Maykoy
Leddal Keemin
High Priest Hytimal (Ghost)

Session 5, Part 2
Subtlety In Flames

In the town of Tefernis:

  • Offerings finished and done, the Dragons assist in counting and storing the offerings in the temple of Maykoy.
  • Brother Keemin shares information Maera doesn’t want to hear.
  • Sarissa speaks to seeking out the Head Priest to get more information about the rebellion. Brother Keemin suggests talking to the other Temple attendants.
  • Maera and Shao have a moment
  • Sarissa speaks with Sunzo about gathering intelligence. Kai shares what he found. The three do some exploration around the ‘temple’ of Maykoy.
  • Alarm is raised in town – Fire! Maera, Shao, and the Marines go to help.
  • Shao goes into a burning building to save anyone inside and Sunzo intends to figure out how the fire started.
  • They have found Hytimal – The High Priest. He won’t be answering questions any time soon and the mystery deepens darkly.

Bloopers WARNING may include some puns

Player Characters

Important Characters

Session 5, Part 1
At The Temple of Maykoy

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Player Preamble: The Immaculate Order

In the town of Tefernis:

  • The Dragon Blooded meet the monk Brother Ledaal Keemin, an old school friend of Peleps Maera and V’neef Kai. They speak in the Temple about the troubles there.
  • Cathak Shao Dun shows his skills in the Occult to interact with the Field God Maykoy
  • Kai goes off to do some investigation and finds some things in the root cellar
  • The Dragon Blooded speak with Maykoy and clear the air to find mutual understanding and promises made. Sarissa catches Kai up on what happened while he was ‘away’.
  • Sunzo watches the town as it watches them, noting what things are offered to the temple, and sees something is missing. Then goes shopping…for information.
  • Sarissa, Maera & Shao have good conversations – Gods, people, and rebellions.

Player Characters

Important Characters

Session 4, Part 2
A Road to Trouble

Episode Link: A Road to Trouble

  • Upon the road towards their target, the Princes of Earth notice something odd sprouting up everywhere. Asparagus breaks through the road and grows in all directions
  • The group learns about a monk of the Immaculate Order having traveled ahead of them.
  • Kai calls a stop to the column to investigate the matter.
  • Shao Dun’s time in the Heptegram seems to be providing insight into the troubles along the road.
  • Kai seems to flub with the locals despite his skills as a socialite as he asks a local about the growth and any news ahead.
  • Continuing along the road the group comes upon Tefrenus – home of the temple of the Field God Maykoy.
  • Sarissa worries that the continued growth around the road could cause problems for the road behind them and cause trouble with travel.
  • Arriving in Tafernis the Temple of Maykoy seems to be the center of the verdant growth. Kai, a student of the Cloister of Wisdom, notes how very off this whole thing is.
  • The party goes into the temple noting the temple itself doesn’t quite match the area around them. A crowd gathers at the steps and atop them is a young man in robes – The Immaculate Monk
  • Bloopers aka TEA Talk

Player Characters

Important Characters

Session 4, Part 1
A Journey Begins

Episode Link: A Journey a Begins

*Preamble * – Gods in Creation. Ranging from minor gods of salt or disease, to gods of Major Cities and Rivers; Creation is full of all sorts of Gods. They can be benevolent – granting bounty or blessings. They can also be dangerous – Gods of War and battlefields. Seeking a God’s favor and blessing can happen with physical offerings and prayer. Gods have been known to accept bribes or even extort mortals for prayers, growing stronger as a benefit and gaining a wider range. Most mortals also honor their ancestors and believe in the cycles of Reincarnation.

The Immaculate Order

  • The Party sets out on the road from Jiara
  • Shao Dun is itching to leave the city, Uneasy about what the strategy is and how to best make use of their troops Shao Dun speaks with his second in command.
  • The Party notices the region is both verdant and burnt out from battle, even the road has taken some damage. Also devoid of most of the male population and tended fields.
  • Shao Dun, upon arriving in a small town, offers prayer and tribute to a local shrine and speaking with the locals.
  • The party discuss plans and what is even going on and concerns about the possibility of facing Exalted Anathema. Also honesty and family.
  • Sunzo makes tea and does some shopping for goods and information.
  • Maera goes for a walk to speak to her soldiers and commanders
  • Lynn and Sunzo have good conversations over wine

Player Characters

Key Characters

Session 3, Part 2
Plans and Secrets

Episode Link: Plans and Secrets

The following morning after the party…

  • The Party gathers at breakfast to discuss the mission at hand and what needs to be done.
    Weighing the options of a Diplomatic vs Militaristic response to the Rebellion.
  • Coordinating with Mnemon Rulinsei Gia’senai they plan the campaign and tasks at hand.
  • Sunzo sends word to Tepet Indaro of his conscription to the Mnemon cause as the others as well prepare to leave the city.
  • Fedan the Merchant visits a merchant House Ja’ada’ash in Jiara about silks and business.

Bonus: Bloopers


Player Characters

Key Characters
Fedan the Merchant
Daryan Ja’ada’ash
Mnemon Rulinsei Gia’senai

Session 3 - Part 1
Dragons After Dark

Episode Link: Dragons After Dark

Important things to remember:

  • The matriarchs of House Mnemon and House V’neef are daughters of the Scarlet Empress
  • Mnemon is the heir apparent
  • V’neef held the Scarlet Empress’ favor in the last few decades
  • With the Empress’ disappearance, Civil War looms as the great houses position for the throne, inclucing Mnemon and V’neef .
  • House Peleps, ( Maera’s House ), and House V’neff are the only houses to venture extensively in the West in search of new lands and riches. No one else has ships that go west nor spies to see what they have found.

Kai’s Party shifts to drinks and conversation…

  • Sarissa & Shao Dun discuss crafts and friendship and being on the outside of the norm for their houses. Talks about sorcery and hobbies.
  • Sanzo joins them and they toast to Misfits
  • Zuri speaks with Kai and Maera about the Arkan’s departure and first impressions. Kai asks for more information about Sarissa. Zuri tries to get meaningful information about these young Dynasts.
  • Sunzo, Sarissa & Shao Dun speak with Zuri and Desai Pavrani finding common ground and discussing travels and points of interest.
  • As Zuri departs she speaks briefly to Sarissa reminding her of the General she will be working with.
  • Kai and Maera join the others in conversation. Stories of travel and perspective are shared with Desai Pavrani and Tovin.
  • They all share a recap of the battle that morning with the Lintha, previous birthday exploits, and Sarissa’s amazing fire dust experiments and creations.
  • The party ends with Pavrani demonstrating Jiaran Sword Dancing much to the enjoyment of all. Shao Dun seems much impressed and Pavrani hopes he does.
  • Kai invites Sarissa to stay as the night grows long and the party slowly starts to disperse.
  • In private quarters Kai, Tovin, and Maera look over the documents Tovin procured. Speaking on concerns of what was gained and lost, they finally learn their gambit has not been in vein.
  • Kai joins Tovin in his quarters and lets his excitement show. They test one another a little, speak of legacy, and share secrets.
  • Maera tracks down Shao Dun to speak and share the evening unknowing of an eavesdropper.

Player Characters

Key Characters

Session 2, Part 2
A Dinner to Remember

Episode Link: A Dinner to Remember

At the House of Vn’eef Kai

  • Mnemon Sarissa arrives with a gift for Kai in apologies for the party crash
  • Everyone gets a chance to mingle – speaking about the political situation in Jiara
  • Sunzo and Sarissa reconnect
  • Shao Dun and Kai…talk
  • Arkan Kindara makes an entrance
  • Sunzo and Lynn have a refreshing conversation
  • Dinner is served
  • Shao Dun makes a toast
  • Kai educates Arkan about the significance of the meal

Player Characters

Key Characters

Session 2, Part 1
Dragons Gather

Episode Link: Dragons Gather

Scene Summary:

  • Mnemon goes to speak to her daughter, Sarissa, at her workshop regarding her mission and companions
  • Kai receives his lover Tovin as he prepares for his dinner party
  • Mara and Shao Dun have a discussion in a garden
  • Sanzo eventually receives Tepet Indaro for a discussion about family
  • Kai and Tovin find Mara in her quarters for introductions and talks of business



Session 1 - Part 2
The Matriarch of Jiara

Episode Link: The Matriarch of Jiara

Scene Summary:

  • Battle over they return to Kai’s villa
  • Kai and Maera catch up and reveal a secret
  • Runner summons them all to the Acropolis
  • Mnemon herself speaks with the group, recruiting them to crush the rebellion

Cast in order of Appearance: