V'neef Lohlyn

Youngest Daughter of V'neef


V’neef Lohlyn is a grand daughter of the Scarlet Empress, the youngest daughter of V’neef, and V’neef Kai’s twin sister. Unlike her mother and twin, she exalted close to her twentieth birthday, bringing her the attention that had previously been on her older siblings. She is driven by the ambition and dynamic audacity that marks her house.

Aspect: Water

  • She was travleing in the East chasing rumors of one of the Anathema who had previously been a mortal dynast and a romantic parter
  • She dropped in to visit Kai in Jiara
  • She suggested that supporting the Cathak suitor could give House V’neef the best advantage in Jiara
  • She departed to meet a friend in further south

V'neef Lohlyn

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