Unbroken Anvil

Nexus Gladiator


Unbroken Anvil is a lost egg who serves House V’neef. He is a man comfortable with violence, but no longer prone to it. He is serving V’neef Lohlyn as a body guard during her journeys in the Threshold.


Unbroken Anvil was taken as a slave in the East as a youth and sold to a ludus in Nexus. He quickly became a champion of the arena and was on the path to earning his freedom when one of the matches was rigged against him. The impossible challenge unlocked the elemental power in his blood and he exalted as a Chosen of Earth. For a time, he lived in luxury in Nexus, but grew board of the empty pleasure and went on a pilgrimage to the Sacred Mountain on the Blessed Isle.

Unbroken Anvil

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