Aspiring Heir Apparent


As the eldest living daughter of the Scarlet Empress, Mnemon is key contender for her mother’s empty throne. She is known as a devoted adherent of the Immaculate Order, a skilled strategist and warrior, and a masterful sorcerer.

Mnemon is the very image of her mother, with unusually pale skin and a cascade of deep red hair. To enhance her naturally noble bearing, she favors garb dyed in deep purple adorned with gold.

As the matriarch of House Mnemon, she has known rivalries with her older brother Ragara, and youngest sister V’neef.

  • Mnemon initially led her House’s expedition to quell the rebellion in Jiara.
  • With the initial success bringing peace through a marriage treaty, Mnemon has returned to the Blessed Isle with most of the Mnemon Legions, leaving Mnemon Zuri to oversee the transition.


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