Mnemon Rulinsei Gia'senai

Mnemon Dragonlord


Mnemon Gia’senai is a great-granddaugter of the Scarlet Empress decended from Rulinsei, a younger sister of Mnemon adopted into House Mnemon. She had a fairly wild and wide-ranging youth after graduating the strict confines of the Cloister of Wisdom. He exploits in the Threshold earned her a name, and the military experience to hold a position of command in the House Legions despite her relative youth.

She has dark skin, almost shale-gray, and light blue-tinged unruly hair, which she keeps cropped shot. She commonly wears her armor and command cloak in public, but ditches the frills of command on the battlefield.


Giasenai agreed to stay her might at Daric, granting a chance for V’neef Kai’s marriage alliance to come to fruition.

Mnemon Rulinsei Gia'senai

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