Desai Pavrani

House Desai Socialite


Desai Pavrani is a representative from House Desai, a cadet house of the Southeastern Threshold. In Jiara, she has been fast to make friends with the Dragon-Blooded of the Great Houses.

Pavrani has striking appearance, with high cheeks, almond eyes, full lips, and dark olive skin. Her long dark hair, which she typically wears up in with complex decoration, shows hints of green. Her sartorial choices are stylish, incorporating foreign styles, bright colors, and bold patterns.

  • Pavrani attended Kai’s dinner party marking Meara’s arrival in Jiara.
  • After the successful expeditions to quell the rebellious cities, she approach Cathak Shao Dun as a sparring partner
  • She asked Shoa Dun to help introduce her cousin as a potential suitor to Prince Ozria
  • At the party where the Kinship tested who might be the Lunar infiltrator, She expressed her affection for Shao.
  • She joined Peleps Meara and Shao-Dun for an expedition to Sarkarn where she battled Lintha beside them and experienced and survived the blood rain that swallowed the Peleps fleet.

Desai Pavrani

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