The Fall of Jiara

Session 9, Part 1

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Fresh off their victory against Garafano, Peleps Maera, Mnemon Sarissa, and Cathak Shao Dun are reunited with V’neef Kai and Tepet Sanzo, who arrive after their time in Daric with Firat, emissary for the rebel Prince Ozria Khidara. The Dragon-Blooded gather together and Kai explains his plan for peace: Marry Ozria into one of the great houses, making her an adopted dynast. Firat insists that the Prince be allowed to approve her match for the marriage, drawing a surprised reaction from Kai.

After the emissary leaves, the Dragon-Blooded passionately debate Kai’s proposal. Sarissa insists that Mnemon will never go along with the plan, while Kai, in frustration, wonders if Mnemon is hoping for a long, drawn out siege heavy with casualties. Tensions rise and eventually Kai storms out the room. As Gen. Gia’Senai approaches, the Dragon Blooded find themselves profoundly divided.

The Dragon-Blooded greet Gia’Senai and catch her up on the recent political developments. After the general leaves, Sarissa and Kai continue their dispute. Feelings are strong on both sides, and the argument ends in a stalemate with no apparent solution to bridge the gap between them.

Sanzo seeks out Shao Dun and, finding him unusually uninhibited, gathers information from him about the fight against the Anathema, along with hints of Shao’s lingering bitterness toward Maera for restraining him before the fight.

Kai meets with Lynn and then Maera. These discussions offer insight into his thinking, especially his deep-seated dissatisfaction with the nature of the Realm’s political status quo, his worry that the Dragon-Blooded are only interested in ruling through violence, and the likelihood that this may bring about their downfall. While not as passionate as Kai, Maera is clearly sympathetic to his viewpoint. The session ends with Maera heading out into the night, lost in her own thoughts.

Mnemon Sarissa
Peleps Meara
Cathak Shao Dun
V’neef Kai
Tepet Sanzo

Mnemon Rulinsei Gia’senai
Ozria Khidara
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