The Fall of Jiara

Session 8, Part 2

Within the city of Daric…

V’neef Kai enters the hallway of merchant clans and prepares himself for an audience with the Rebel Prince’s advisers. He is interviewed in a small meeting room by a group of three representatives, one of whom he quickly realizes is actually the Prince herself, and he addresses her as such. Both sides decide to drop all pretense, and Kai admits his own true identity as he makes his proposal for peace: A political marriage that would increase the Prince’s power in the Realm.

The Prince agrees to consider this and informs him she will let him know by the next day. Kai tells her that he will be staying in Geode Court if she needs him.

Sanzo returns to the inn to continue gathering information from his contact. As they discuss the situation in Daric in one of the back rooms the end, Sanzo learns of possible foreign influences over the Prince, and is also told that she may be hungry for glory. Not much is known about the Prince’s advisers, but one is said to come and go in the form of a bird. Sanzo considers the possibility that more Anathema After further discussion, Sanzo heads back and regroups with Kai to discuss the situation.

The next morning, one of the Prince’s advisers greets Kai with the happy news that she has agreed to his proposal. The adviser will accompany Kai as the Prince’s negotiator, and the session ends with the optimistic hope that war might be avoided.


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