The Fall of Jiara

Session 8, Part 1

As the band of refugees continues toward Daric…

V’neef Kai and Tepet Sanzo begin planning for their impending entry into the city. The Dragons work to endear themselves to the refugees as they travel onward, with Sanzo becoming particularly close to a boy named Sparrow. The whole band of refugees takes a strong liking to the Dragons, allowing Kai and Sanzo to glean personal stories from the refugees, detailing why they decided to rebel. The background behind Garafono’s presence with the rebellion is also revealed.

As the refugee caravan reaches the canyon city of Daric, Kai seeks an audience with the rebel Prince and takes up residence at Geode Court. Sanzo goes for a stroll and uses his keen eye to appraise the city from a tactical standpoint. As Kai does the same, he worries about the possibility that a battle inside the city would lead to a slaughter of the inhabitants. Eventually, in typical Kai fashion, he enjoys a hot bath, washing away all the grime accumulated over the long journey.

Sanzo heads to a teahouse, intent on connecting with his contacts in the White Veil Society. He provides a meal and refreshments for Sparrow.

Finally, Kai and Sanzo meet up to discuss their plans going forward. As he looks forward to meeting the Princes advisers, Kai is cautiously optimistic about the possibility of a peaceful solution, while Sanzo considers alternative forms of conflict resolution.

Tepet Sanzo

V’neef Kai




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