The Fall of Jiara

Session 7, Part 2

The Dragons are forced to deal with immediate fallout from Peleps Maera‘s decision to fire off the flare. As Garafono approaches, Mara decides to go down alone to parlay with the him. Unfortunately for her, Garafono has no interest in negotiation, and the fight suddenly begins, with Sarissa and Shao hurrying to join the endangered Maera.

As the battle is joined not far away, Kai and Sanzo hear the sounds of fighting and manage to convince the refugees to hurry away from the conflict.

Maera, now supported by Sarissa and Shao, continues to fight, slowly grinding down the Anathema. Facing off against three opponents begins to take a toll on Garafono. With a final devastating series of strikes, Maera pushes through his guard and delivers a series of killing blows. The solar anathema dies, his final words a plea that the children will make it to safety.

While the battle ends successfully, Shao swears never to obey another order that would put Maera in danger, while Maera demands he remain obedient. A marked tension seems to have grown between the two in the aftermath of the battle.



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