The Fall of Jiara

Session 7, Part 1

In the wilderness off the road to Daric…

Tepet Sanzo, disguised as a servant child, successfully infiltrates the small group led by the Mysterious Warrior. V’neef Kai is also brought into the camp by the Warrior, who calls himself Garafono. Kai manages to convince Garafono that he is a mercenary, with no love for the Realm, who is out looking for a child separated from the caravan.

Captain Peleps Maera, Mnemon Sarissa and Cathak Shao Dun hear voices in the wilderness and debate how best to proceed. Shao wants a quick pursuit to bring the chase to an end but is overruled by Maera and Sarissa, who are concerned that hasty action could endanger Kai and Sanzo.

Still in disguise, Sanzo discreetly gathers information by conversing with an orphan from the little group. Kai does the same, ingratiating himself with one of the adult protectors

The pursuing Dragons come to a rise where they see the group of refugees, with a disarmed Kai walking among them. The leader carries a radiant blade, a sign of a Solar Exalted. Realizing it’s an Anathema Shao urges immediate pursuit but is once again overruled.

Maera sets off of flare that alerts the refugee group to the presence of the dragon blooded. Garafono ecides to investigate. Kai, not completely trusted by the refugees, is tied up. A confrontation between the anathema and the dragon blooded appears to be inevitable…



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