The Fall of Jiara

Session 6, Part 1

Aftermath from the fire

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In the town of Tefrenus

Sanzo discovers information about the last days of High Priest Hytimal, notably his growing hostility toward the Realm, and a rumor about a bird that flew from the Priest’s home just before the fire began.

Sarissa carefully investigates the remains of the fire-damaged house, bringing Shao with her. Their efforts turn up the presence of an unseen spirit muttering in a local dialect. Sarissa translates it as saying “My home, what has happened to my home?”

Working together they successfully communicate with the spirit, the ghost of Hytimal. It describes a small bird that transformed into a woman, who attacked it with a blade. When they’re convinced they’ve gotten all the information they can out of the ghost, Shao cremates its remains.

The next morning, the main characters gather and share their information. Mnemon Gia’Senai arrives. Kai questions her about the wisdom of seeking battle with Lunar Anathema. As the gathering discusses how to proceed, Maera volunteers to lead her soldiers forward to Daric, scouting as they go. The possibility of the presence of a Solar Anathema is raised, and the Dragons realize they will have to proceed forward somewhat in the dark about the coming dangers.

While the other dragons sleep, Kai writes a note: “I want to talk.“ The note is slipped inside the temple ledger. He later returns to the temple any questions the god Maykoy about his intentions.

Player Characters

Mnemon Sarissa
V’neef Kai
Cathak Shao Dun
Peleps Maera
Tepet Sanzo

Important Characters

Mnemon Gia’senai
The Field God Maykoy
Leddal Keemin
High Priest Hytimal (Ghost)


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