The Fall of Jiara

Session 5, Part 2

Subtlety In Flames

In the town of Tefernis:

  • Offerings finished and done, the Dragons assist in counting and storing the offerings in the temple of Maykoy.
  • Brother Keemin shares information Maera doesn’t want to hear.
  • Sarissa speaks to seeking out the Head Priest to get more information about the rebellion. Brother Keemin suggests talking to the other Temple attendants.
  • Maera and Shao have a moment
  • Sarissa speaks with Sunzo about gathering intelligence. Kai shares what he found. The three do some exploration around the ‘temple’ of Maykoy.
  • Alarm is raised in town – Fire! Maera, Shao, and the Marines go to help.
  • Shao goes into a burning building to save anyone inside and Sunzo intends to figure out how the fire started.
  • They have found Hytimal – The High Priest. He won’t be answering questions any time soon and the mystery deepens darkly.

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