The Fall of Jiara

Session 5, Part 1

At The Temple of Maykoy

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Player Preamble: The Immaculate Order

In the town of Tefernis:

  • The Dragon Blooded meet the monk Brother Ledaal Keemin, an old school friend of Peleps Maera and V’neef Kai. They speak in the Temple about the troubles there.
  • Cathak Shao Dun shows his skills in the Occult to interact with the Field God Maykoy
  • Kai goes off to do some investigation and finds some things in the root cellar
  • The Dragon Blooded speak with Maykoy and clear the air to find mutual understanding and promises made. Sarissa catches Kai up on what happened while he was ‘away’.
  • Sunzo watches the town as it watches them, noting what things are offered to the temple, and sees something is missing. Then goes shopping…for information.
  • Sarissa, Maera & Shao have good conversations – Gods, people, and rebellions.

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