The Fall of Jiara

Session 4, Part 1

A Journey Begins

Episode Link: A Journey a Begins

*Preamble * – Gods in Creation. Ranging from minor gods of salt or disease, to gods of Major Cities and Rivers; Creation is full of all sorts of Gods. They can be benevolent – granting bounty or blessings. They can also be dangerous – Gods of War and battlefields. Seeking a God’s favor and blessing can happen with physical offerings and prayer. Gods have been known to accept bribes or even extort mortals for prayers, growing stronger as a benefit and gaining a wider range. Most mortals also honor their ancestors and believe in the cycles of Reincarnation.

The Immaculate Order

  • The Party sets out on the road from Jiara
  • Shao Dun is itching to leave the city, Uneasy about what the strategy is and how to best make use of their troops Shao Dun speaks with his second in command.
  • The Party notices the region is both verdant and burnt out from battle, even the road has taken some damage. Also devoid of most of the male population and tended fields.
  • Shao Dun, upon arriving in a small town, offers prayer and tribute to a local shrine and speaking with the locals.
  • The party discuss plans and what is even going on and concerns about the possibility of facing Exalted Anathema. Also honesty and family.
  • Sunzo makes tea and does some shopping for goods and information.
  • Maera goes for a walk to speak to her soldiers and commanders
  • Lynn and Sunzo have good conversations over wine

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