The Fall of Jiara

Session 3, Part 2

Plans and Secrets

Episode Link: Plans and Secrets

The following morning after the party…

  • The Party gathers at breakfast to discuss the mission at hand and what needs to be done.
    Weighing the options of a Diplomatic vs Militaristic response to the Rebellion.
  • Coordinating with Mnemon Rulinsei Gia’senai they plan the campaign and tasks at hand.
  • Sunzo sends word to Tepet Indaro of his conscription to the Mnemon cause as the others as well prepare to leave the city.
  • Fedan the Merchant visits a merchant House Ja’ada’ash in Jiara about silks and business.

Bonus: Bloopers


Player Characters

Key Characters
Fedan the Merchant
Daryan Ja’ada’ash
Mnemon Rulinsei Gia’senai


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