The Fall of Jiara

Session 3 - Part 1

Dragons After Dark

Episode Link: Dragons After Dark

Important things to remember:

  • The matriarchs of House Mnemon and House V’neef are daughters of the Scarlet Empress
  • Mnemon is the heir apparent
  • V’neef held the Scarlet Empress’ favor in the last few decades
  • With the Empress’ disappearance, Civil War looms as the great houses position for the throne, inclucing Mnemon and V’neef .
  • House Peleps, ( Maera’s House ), and House V’neff are the only houses to venture extensively in the West in search of new lands and riches. No one else has ships that go west nor spies to see what they have found.

Kai’s Party shifts to drinks and conversation…

  • Sarissa & Shao Dun discuss crafts and friendship and being on the outside of the norm for their houses. Talks about sorcery and hobbies.
  • Sanzo joins them and they toast to Misfits
  • Zuri speaks with Kai and Maera about the Arkan’s departure and first impressions. Kai asks for more information about Sarissa. Zuri tries to get meaningful information about these young Dynasts.
  • Sunzo, Sarissa & Shao Dun speak with Zuri and Desai Pavrani finding common ground and discussing travels and points of interest.
  • As Zuri departs she speaks briefly to Sarissa reminding her of the General she will be working with.
  • Kai and Maera join the others in conversation. Stories of travel and perspective are shared with Desai Pavrani and Tovin.
  • They all share a recap of the battle that morning with the Lintha, previous birthday exploits, and Sarissa’s amazing fire dust experiments and creations.
  • The party ends with Pavrani demonstrating Jiaran Sword Dancing much to the enjoyment of all. Shao Dun seems much impressed and Pavrani hopes he does.
  • Kai invites Sarissa to stay as the night grows long and the party slowly starts to disperse.
  • In private quarters Kai, Tovin, and Maera look over the documents Tovin procured. Speaking on concerns of what was gained and lost, they finally learn their gambit has not been in vein.
  • Kai joins Tovin in his quarters and lets his excitement show. They test one another a little, speak of legacy, and share secrets.
  • Maera tracks down Shao Dun to speak and share the evening unknowing of an eavesdropper.

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