The Fall of Jiara

Session 10, Part 3

A Bird in the Night

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Outside the Prince’s palace in Daric…

Unseen by the Dragon-Blooded, a small bird alights upon Prince Osria Khidara’s balcony.

Mnemon Sarissa, inside the Prince’s apartment, hears light sounds of metal clinking not far away. Her suspicions aroused, she looks around and sees something small and unwelcome trying to stay hidden on the balcony just outside the curtain. On guard and expecting trouble, she raises her flame piece and opens fire without hesitation. The resulting conflagration is visible from all over the city, and the rest of the Dragon-Blooded rush to the scene.

The bird transforms into a woman. She brandishes an assassin’s dagger and prepares to go after the Prince.

Captain Peleps Maera encounters another group of assassins in the hallway, V’neef Kai and Shao Dun reach the balcony, and the Prince wakes and screams. Chaos reigns.

Tepet Sanzo, unseen for the moment, enters the fray, easily dispatching one of the assassins.

After a brief but wild period of combat, the Dragons emerge victorious. The bird woman, revealed as a lunar, is killed by Tepet Sanzo as she tries to escape. The mortal assassins are easily finished off as well.

The shocked Prince confirms that the bird woman was one of the foreign advisers who fled from her. One of the assassins survives the fight, and the Dragons are optimistic that he may provide valuable information.

Mnemon Sarissa
Cathak Shao Dun
Peleps Meara
V’neef Kai
Tepet Sanzo

The Bird Woman
Ozria Khidara
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