The Fall of Jiara

Session 10, Part 2

Episode LInk

As the Dragon-Blooded enter the city of Daric…

Cathak Shao Dun thoroughly examines the defenses of the city, appraising its ability to hold out during a siege and taking note of critical points of strategic interest.

The rebel adviser Firat leads the Dragon-Blooded to an assembly chamber where they are presented to Prince Ozria Khidara. To their great surprise, the Prince decides to personally negotiate with the representatives of the Realm. After this demonstration of trust, Captain Peleps Maera introduces the Dragons to the Prince, who greet her with diplomatic courtesy.

As the hours pass and late afternoon comes, the Prince invites the Dragons to stay the night in her city.

Tepet Sanzo looks over the Prince’s advisors and is alarmed that the ones V’neef Kai spoke of are nowhere to be seen.

Mnemon Sarissa candidly tells the Prince that she fears Lunar assassins or other evildoers may attempt to disrupt the negotiations. When the Prince asks what should be done about this, Sarissa suggests that no one should be left alone overnight. The Prince declares that she is placing herself under the protection of the Dragon-Blooded, Sarissa specifically. She also mentions that her foreign advisers abandoned her when the Realm’s legions approached.

Peleps Maera catches V’neef Kai up on the day’s events. The optimistic Maera and the cynical Kai muse about what’s to come and hope that Kai can come to a lasting understanding with Sarissa.

Inside Ozria Khidara’s quarters, Sarissa conducts a security inspection, prepares additional defenses, and chats with the Prince about her missing advisers.

As night falls, Shao Dun heads out on a late-night walk with a small escort. He leads them up to a scenic bluff where he chats with Laconic Ibis about his future in House Cathak and enjoys his wine.

The session comes to an end as the Prince heads to sleep and the Dragon Blooded prepare to get what rest they can. Out in the seemingly peaceful night, the figure of a bird, alights on the balcony just outside the Prince’s quarters.

Cathak Shao Dun
Mnemon Sarissa
Peleps Meara
Tepet Sanzo
V’neef Kai

The Bird Woman
Ozria Khidara
Laconic Ibis


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