The Fall of Jiara

Fall of Jiara Interlude

Between Rebellion and Courtship

Mnemon Sarissa utilizes her remarkable crafting skills and substantially upgrades her weaponry. She meets with Mnemon herself to discuss the developing political situation in Jiara. When her matriarch asks her for her opinion about V’neef Kai, she describes him as a skilled albeit hot-blooded politician. Mnemon asks Sarissa to watch Kai’s moves and report on him.

Tepet Sanzo uses his free time to gather information on Jiara, both generally, and with a focus on the city’s underworld. Sanzo learns the political situation in the city has stabilized, and there is a prevailing atmosphere of cautious optimism. Tepet Indaro arrives and beseeches Sanzo to return to the service of his house. The meeting remains civil, but the frustration among Tepet leadership for Sanzo’s independent behavior is clear. Sanzo later meets with Gauntlet, a representative from the White Veil Society . They have a discussion regarding the highly complicated and everchanging political situation in the realm. The Society does not want Mnemon’s power and influence to grow.

After a week of mandatory drinking, Cathak Shao Dun undertakes a recruitment effort among the local population, and is able to supplement his troops with another auxiliary unit. He leads them off into the wilderness to conduct training. After returning to the city, and he reconnects with and duels against Desai Pavrani, who proves to be an able sparring partner and agreeable companion.

While off on a solitary mountaineering expedition outside Naathul, Peleps Maera discovers a cave. She returns to Kai and they explore together. They head deep into the mountain where they find an ancient manse containing a wonder far beyond what they could’ve hoped to find: a warstrider. As they explore the manse together, they discuss the difficulty and remarkable potential of a possible excavation, and consider how best to enlist Sarissa’s help with such a project…

Peleps Meara
V’neef Kai
Tepet Indaro
Tepet Sanzo
Mnemon Sarissa
Laconic Ibis
Cathak Shao Dun
Desai Pavrani


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