The Fall of Jiara

Fall of Jiara Act 3 Session 9

The victorious V’neef Kai, wielding the warstrider Longaeva, returns from his successful battle against the necrotek monstrosity and serenades the delighted Peleps Maera. He asks her to go with him after the battle has ended, and she enthusiastically agrees.

Mnemon Sarissa engages her powerful weaponry and siege engines, unleashing a series of ferocious attacks against the approaching dead. She focuses her efforts on the enemy’s siege engines. With her masterpiece artifact, Fire Strikes the Storm-Shrouded Summit, she snipes the necrotek engineer coordinating the enemy attack.

Sarissa engages a rantai – a horrific creation cobbled together from a host of corpses, bound with spiked chains. Coordinating with the defending forces, she concentrates on striking the core of the abomination. The rantai retaliates, but its attacks fail to drive off the agile Sarissa.

The persistent Sarissa grinds the rantai down and delivers a killing blow with her lightning blade, eliminating the immediate threat to the walls of the city. She returns to her work countering the siege engines of the army of Thorns.

Tepet Sanzo, in the guise of the Maiden of the Mirthless Smile, subtly subverts the forces of the dead, poisoning the rations of the living mercenaries in their ranks.

Sanzo plots against the Doom of Thousands, a void-touched ghost that is second in command to the Maiden, and surreptitiously poisons the body it inhabits.

The Prince, revealed as a Solar Exalted, arrives with Saffron Veil and is greeted by the reunited kinship. With the enemy weakened, the decision is made to take the offensive and break the siege.

Led by the Prince, the coalition forces defending Jiara ride forth in grandeur as a united army, and crush the dead in a single glorious engagement.

At last, Jiara has been liberated, fallen from the grasp of the Realm and Thorns alike.

V’neef Kai
Peleps Meara
Mnemon Sarissa
Tepet Sanzo
Cathak Shao Dun

Ozria Khidara
Saffron Veil


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