The Fall of Jiara

Fall of Jiara Act 3 Session 5-1

Saffron Veil, in the guise of the Prince, marries the Tepet suitor in a small and basic ceremony. It is a moment of triumph for Tepet Sanzo.

V’neef Kai and Peleps Maera are then wed, also in a humble ceremony. The kinship deals with mixed emotions and the distractions caused by the increasingly unstable political situation.

At the wedding, Cathak Shao Dun and Desai Pavrani meet again after a considerable time apart. She assures him she is ready to support him in the coming battle, against whatever foe may be facing them. He warns her that Thorns is advancing on Jiara.

Sarissa continues working on her major crafting project, making substantial progress. To her surprise, she receives a visit from Mnemon Zuri. They discuss internal Mnemon politics, and the encroaching threat presented by Thorns.

Gauntlet delivers the harvest gem, a hearthstone, to Sanzo, courtesy of Laughing Knife. Sanzo summons the kinship to the warehouse that shelters the warstrider and announces the acquisition of the treasure. After discussion among the kinship, the honor of first wielding the warstrider is given to Sarissa. Kai attunes to it as well, and determines the warstrider’s name: Longaeva.

Tepet Sanzo
V’neef Kai
Peleps Meara
Mnemon Sarissa
Cathak Shao Dun

Saffron Veil
Desai Pavrani
Mnemon Zuri


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