The Fall of Jiara

Fall of Jiara Act 3 Session 3-1

Tepet Sanzo meets with Gauntlet to discuss a possible alliance with the Lunars, on the basis that they and the Society have compatible goals. Gauntlet is skeptical, but not completely closed to the idea.

Mnemon Sarissa informs Sanzo of her meeting with Saffron Veil. Sanzo tells her he will be present, eavesdropping from a different room. The meeting takes place in private, with Veil and her guards. They discuss a wide range of subjects, including the nature of the true Prince, Veil’s plans for the future of the Realm, and the fate of Sarkarn after its alliance with Thorns. When Sarissa mentions she would be interested in hearing the Lunar perspective on the history between the anathema and the Dragon-Blooded, Veil reacts with pleasant surprise.

As Sanzo leaves, he sees a man fitting the description of one of the Prince’s foreign advisers.

Cathak Shao Dun selects an elite group of soldiers to accompany himself and Sarissa to Nathul, while Sarissa prepares her own supplies for the expedition. After they depart, they discuss that state of the Realm, and Sarissa’s meeting with Saffron Veil. Shao expresses anger at the Lunar’s manipulations; Sarissa points out that they, too, have been manipulative when it suits them, and that the Realm is far from perfect.

V’neef Kai focuses on attending to Jiara’s defenses. He spends time among the Jiaran elite to rally support for the Prince.

Peleps Maera works to determine if the unnatural storm that destroyed the Peleps fleet could be en route to Jiara. She realizes that if the storm was heading toward them at the speed it was observed, it would have already reached the city.

Kai and Maera are summoned to a somewhat clandestine meeting with Saffron Veil. She gives them some chilling information: an emissary from Thorns has arrived.

Tepet Sanzo
Mnemon Sarissa
Cathak Shao Dun
V’neef Kai
Peleps Meara

Saffron Veil


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