The Fall of Jiara

Fall of Jiara Act 3 Session 2-2

V’neef Kai takes a pleasant stroll through the city with Salana Tovin. The cheerful backdrop belies the heavy nature of their discussion topics: Kai’s meeting with the Prince, and Tovin’s desire to destroy the great houses.

Cathak Shao Dun, brooding over his misgivings of the kinship’s situation, seeks out Mnemon Sarissa. He finds her busy crafting in her workshop, but she takes a break to speak with him. While Shao is desperate to destroy Saffron Veil as quickly as possible, Sarissa believes it is too early to proceed. The strength of her logic leaves him somewhat convinced.

As the discussion goes on, they remember the warstrider, nearly forgotten by the kinship and sitting in cave. The two begin enthusiastically planning an expedition to retrieve the mighty weapon, hoping it will provide them

Sarissa and Sanzo talk about Saffron Veil. They agree that in spite of her deception, her intentions do not appear malevolent. Sanzo notes that she is not connected to Thorns, and indeed appeared disturbed at the prospect of its encroachment on her territory.

Sarissa lets Sanzo in on her plan to excavate the warstrider. She asks him to help keep the plan quiet, and he agrees.

Shao and Tepet Sanzo have a chance encounter in Kai’s villa. What begins as an exchange of common pleasantries turns into a discussion about Saffron Veil. Sanzo works to convince Shao that his dogmatic attitude toward the Realm and the Lunars needs flexibility, using examples of his own personal suffering to persuade him of the imperfections in Dragon-Blooded society. While his words have an effect, Shao tells him that he will never under any circumstances be willing to share the realm with Lunar or Solar anathema.

Sanzo meets with Tepets Ejava and Indaro, delivering two pieces of important news: The Prince intends to select the Tepet suitor, and the Mask of Winters will move against Jiara. Sanzo frames the situation as an opportunity for House Tepet to grow stronger, if it is willing to assign its legions to defend Jiara. His suggestion to ally with the Lunar is met with considerable skepticism, but some willingness to consider a temporary alliance, given the extreme circumstances.

Shao goes to Peleps Maera, hoping to put their previous argument behind them, and informs her about the warstrider. Neither of them have the stomach for an argument. She quickly blesses his plan to excavate the warstrider, and they part with a few flirtatious gestures.

V’neef Kai
Cathak Shao Dun
Mnemon Sarissa
Tepet Sanzo

Salana Tovin
Tepet Indaro
Tepet Ejava


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