The Fall of Jiara

Fall of Jiara Act 2 Session 8-1

Episode Link: Crowned in Silver

V’neef Kai writes a letter to Prince Ozria Khidara, ostensibly to remind her of their good relationship, and of his willingness to help her if she needs it. In reality, he hopes to meet with her to determine whether she is the Lunar Anathema that the Dragon-Blooded have been hunting. The Prince replies by offering Kai a warm invitation for a visit.

Kai brings the invitation to Tepet Sanzo, who in turn takes the letter to Curry. The kinship’s worst fears are confirmed: the Prince is indeed a Lunar.

Mnemon Sarissa bides her time. She expends her anxiety-driven energy by throwing herself into a crafting project: a collapsible, concealable short spear.

Kai, filled with apprehension, pays his visit to the Prince. The conversation is at first filled with friendly banter, until he subtly but unambiguously informs her that he knows her true nature. As she becomes wary, he stresses that he remains her friend. She discusses her belief that the forces governing the Realm are irredeemably corrupt and must be destroyed, a position Kai sympathizes with. They part without hostility, and Kai promises to warn her if his kin prepare to move against her.

In the aftermath of the confirmation of the Prince’s identity, Sanzo and Kai meet, a pall hanging over them. Kai maintains his trusting, optimistic feelings toward the Prince. Sanzo is disturbed by Kai’s attitude, and deeply skeptical of the Lunar’s good intentions.

The conversation comes to a close with Kai and Sanzo trying to decide how to break the news to the rest of the kinship.

V’neef Kai
Tepet Sanzo
Mnemon Sarissa
Ozria Khidara


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