The Fall of Jiara

Fall of Jiara Act 2 Session 7-2

Blood on the Sea

Episode Link: Blood on the Seas

In the aftermath of the victory over the Lintha, Admiral Peleps Polin boards the Leviathan’s Paradise and congratulates Peleps Maera and Cathak Shao Dun. Maera expresses her nervousness that the Lintha were active so close to Peleps territory.

Peleps Polin interrogates the prisoners and discovers that the Lintha are not alone in the area, although the nature of their allies and mission remain unclear.

As Maera and Polin examine captured Lintha hide charts, a disturbing revelation is revealed: the Lintha appear to have allied with Thorns. Rain begins to fall—a rain and a storm of blood.

The storm, clearly a work of dark sorcery, intensifies. Polin returns to her vessel. Maera issues emergency orders, doing her best to restore calm as fear spreads through the crew.

As the horrified Maera looks on, a great shape rises out of the ocean and destroys a ship from the Peleps fleet.

Drawing upon his knowledge of the occult, Cathak Shao Dun is reminded of the Siege of Thorns. He concludes that an undead whale, animated by necromancy, has been summoned to destroy the Peleps fleet.

Polin calls out and orders the Leviathan’s Paradise to sail for Sarkarn and warn the Queen. Maera obeys her orders. The fate of the Admiral and her fleet is unknown, concealed by the worsening storm.

Peleps Meara
Peleps Polin
Cathak Shao Dun
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