The Fall of Jiara

Fall of Jiara Act 2 Session 7-1

Pirates of Sarkarn

Episode Link: Pirates of Sarkarn

The expedition to root out coastal pirates commences. Peleps Maera and Cathak Shao Dun set out in the Leviathan’s Paradise. Temporarily separated from their kinship, they prepare for whatever may come.

Cathak Shao Dun and Desai Pavrani spar on the ship’s deck as they wait for the coming battle.

As Maera and Shao stand together looking over the ocean, they reflect on the good times and happy memories formed during their past voyages together. They feel a deep, shared sense of sentimentality, a longing for the simpler life they have left behind, but they also understand that those times are over and they must look forward to the future.

The Leviathan’s Paradise reaches the pirate-plagued satropy of Sarkarn, where they meet Admiral Peleps Polin. The three discuss strategic goals for the inevitable encounter with the lintha.

The expedition resumes, and Maera spies a pirate hiding place. As the fleet changes course and moves into position, a mighty Lintha lamprey-beast rises out of the sea, and battle is joined.

Thanks to Maera’s expert leadership and deft maritime skills, the Leviathan’s Paradise outmaneuvers the pirates. The Peleps marines, led by Shao and Pavrani, board the enemy vessel. Storms of Lintha javelins and the great lamprey beast are no match for the Dragon-Blooded, and the battle ends with the surviving Lintha being prepared for interrogation as their ship is consumed in flame.

Peleps Meara
Cathak Shao Dun
Desai Pavrani
Peleps Polin


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