The Fall of Jiara

Fall of Jiara Act 2 Session 6-2

Episode Link: Journeys and Revelations

Peleps Maera decides to test Desai Pavrani’s worthiness to join herself and Cathak Shao Dun on the upcoming pirate-hunting expedition. She defeats her in an intense sparring match, but is impressed enough with Pavrani’s skill that she formally invites her along.

As the hour of the expedition dawns, Maera inspires the crew of the Leviathan’s Paradise with a rousing speech. The great ship sets sail, and the hunt begins.

The three Dragon-Blooded remaining on land convene to discuss the developing political situation. They stumble upon a disturbing revelation after Sarissa quips offhandedly that Prince Ozria Khidara herself could have been replaced by a Lunar, as the possibility dawns on the group that this could actually be true. Obtaining a sample of the Prince’s handwriting to determine her identity is suddenly of paramount importance to the kinship.

As night falls, Sanzo seeks out Kai and tries to convince him that the Prince should select the Tepet suitor. He argues that it would give him, and therefore the kinship, considerable power and influence. Kai, distracted and under substantial pressure, is noncommittal.

Sanzo meets with Tepet Indaro. They plot and scheme with and against each other under the veneer of a discussion on how best to strengthen House Tepet.

Peleps Meara
Cathak Shao Dun
Desai Pavrani
Mnemon Sarissa
V’neef Kai
Tepet Sanzo
Tepet Indaro


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