The Fall of Jiara

Fall of Jiara Act 2 Session 5-2

Questions Hang

Episode Link: Questions Hang

As Cathak Shao Dun and Desai Pavrani converse on the docks beside the Leviathan’s Paradise, Captain Peleps Maera approaches. Through use of double entendre, she conveys to Shao that she doesn’t object to his spending time with Pavrani, but she has work to do and would appreciate his help. Shao politely excuses himself and heads off with his Captain.

V’neef Kai takes the opportunity to warn Shao about the potential danger that Pavrani represents, raising the possibility that she may intend to manipulate him.

Tepet Sanzo has coffee and tea waiting for the rest of the Kinship as they return to Kai’s villa, where he informs his companions that he has discovered a potentially incriminating letter in Arkan Khidara’s office.

Mnemon Sarissa finds it hard to believe that the letter came from her house, arguing that the presence of Mnemon’s seal on the envelope would be an inexplicably sloppy mistake. After some discussion, the Kinship resolves to carefully investigate the veracity of the seal before coming to a judgment.

Sanzo brings the guestbook from the party to Curry the Raccoon, and asks for his help to see if the suspected Lunar was among those present on the Leviathan’s Paradise.

Sarissa gives Shao a magnificently beautiful stylus set, which he receives with deep gratitude.

Maera and Shao discuss their relationship. Their pent up emotions are released, and the episode closes as they join in an intimate embrace.


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