The Fall of Jiara

Fall of Jiara Act 2 Session 5-1

Party on the Leviathan's Paradise

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From within the heart of her workshop, Mnemon Sarissa works tirelessly to modify her flame pieces, hoping to make them easier to conceal. The result of her efforts is a small, single-shot cannon that is easy to hide on her person. With her remaining free time, she crafts a magnificent stylus set for Cathak Shao-Dun, to thank him for his recent help.

Captain Peleps Maera and V’neef Kai prepare the Leviathan’s Paradise for the upcoming party, ostensibly thrown to celebrate Prince Ozria Khidara’s impending wedding.

The party begins. While the Dynasts and Dragon-Blooded mingle and enjoy themselves, Tepet Sanzo infiltrates Arkan Khidara’s estate, in the guise of a servant.

As the Leviathan’s Paradise carries the partygoers on a gentle cruise down the river, Maera discusses Jiaran politics with Firat, the Prince’s advisor.

Sanzo surreptitiously rummages through Arkan Khidara’s office. He finds a letter marked with a Mnemon seal which casts suspicion on Arkan’s personal motives and his loyalty to the Prince.

Shao-Dun enjoys a pleasant, rather flirtatious conversation with Desai Pavrani, and learns more about her background and motivations.

Kai brings a glass of red wine to Arkan and finds him guarded, almost hostile. As the conversation goes on, the old man expresses a condescending, disdainful attitude toward the Prince.

Sarissa notices Arkan’s expression of profound relief after Kai leaves him. She seeks out Kai, and they discuss Arkan’s reactions, along with his assessment of the suitors.

Mnemon Sarissa
Peleps Meara
V’neef Kai
Tepet Sanzo
Cathak Shao Dun
Arkan Khidara
Desai Pavrani
Cathak Jul-To
Desai Kadajin
Ledaal Yasmet Silver Grace
Tepet Delak


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