The Fall of Jiara

Fall of Jiara Act 2 Session 4-2

Suitors to Suit

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Peleps Maera and V’neef Kai find a rare moment of free time, giving them an opportunity to discuss Prince Ozria Khidara’s suitors. Kai expresses his approval for Desai Kadajin, believing that a consort from the Threshold would make a beneficial match.

Maera, intent on personally appraising the contestants for the Prince’s hand, goes with Mnemon Sarissa to meet with the Ledaal suitor, Silver Grace. Afterwards, the two Dragon-Blooded head to the Broken Oar, where shenanigans ensue as they bond over drinks.

After parting with his siblings, Kai luxuriates in a bath with Tovin, and the two discuss the various suitors. Tovin indicates to Kai that the Desai are particularly invested in winning the marriage contest.

Tepet Sanzo meets with Kai in his office, where he requests the latter gather a sample of writing from the guests at his upcoming party, as it may be helpful in discovering the identity of the hidden Lunar. Kai suggests he will leave a guestbook out when the time comes.

Peleps Maera wakes up the next morning, hung over, to the news that ten Peleps warships are inbound and will soon reach the harbor. Maera receives the leader of the fleet, an illustrious Admiral called Peleps Polin. The Admiral offers Maera the chance to join her in a pirate hunting expedition.

Sanzo meets with Gauntlet, his contact with the Society, and the two discuss House Tepet politics. Sanzo proposes supporting the Tepet suitor, rather than the Desai, as a means to gain greater control over the political situation. Gauntlet listens to Sanzo’s suggestions and promises to give them proper consideration.

Peleps Meara
V’neef Kai
Mnemon Sarissa
Ledaal Yasmet Silver Grace
V’neef Lohlyn
V’neef Sylus
Salana Tovin
Tepet Sanzo
Peleps Polin
Tepet Delak


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