The Fall of Jiara

Fall of Jiara Act 2 Session 4-1


Tepet Sanzo’s intelligence gathering reveals new threads in the mystery of Nima Isfani’s disappearance.

Cathak Shao Dun requests V’neef Kai’s help as he pays a visit to Desai Pavrani to assess the suitor from her house, Kadajin. As they question the suitor, Shao grows increasingly displeased, finding the man lacking passion, while Kai keeps his feelings close to his chest. After the interview, Kai surprises Shao by offering a relatively positive assessment of Kadajin, based on the potential political benefits a marriage with the Desai could provide to the Prince.

The Kinship gathers to discuss the recent political developments, the sorcerous working created by Mnemon Sarissa and Shao, and news regarding Sanzo’s investigation. In spite of the instability of the situation, the Dragon-Blooded are in high spirits. Maera in particular seems to have her swagger back. Plans are made to throw a grand party on the Leviathan’s Paradise.

Sarissa and Shao present their sorcerous working to Prince Ozria Khidara. They take the opportunity to update her on the status of the investigation into the assassination plot.

Tepet Sanzo
Cathak Shao Dun
V’neef Kai
Desai Pavrani
Desai Kadajin
Mnemon Sarissa
Peleps Meara
Ozria Khidara
Nima Isfani


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