The Fall of Jiara

Fall of Jiara Act 2 Session 2-2

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V’neef Kai receives his siblings, V’neef Sylus and V’neef Lohlyn, in the grandeur of his private salon. Kai greets them using his most grandiose, ostentatious manner, and the three catch up on family matters and political issues.

After eavesdropping on the conversation between Kai and his siblings, Tepet Sanzo pays a visit to Tepet Indaro, who introduces him to Delak, the House Tepet suitor. They question Sanzo regarding the political contest for the Prince’s hand and attempt to enlist his aid in supporting House Tepet’s bid. Sanzo is surprisingly receptive.

Peleps Maera meets Kai and his siblings; they enjoy refreshments and discuss matters, including Maera’s destruction of the anathema, Garafono. V’neef Lohlyn shockingly mentions her dealings with a group of Solars and opines on the political situation. She proposes the assembly of a coalition to take Thorns, a key city in the Eastern Threshold, for the purpose of boosting House V’neef’s strength and prestige.

Cathak Shao Dun receives an invitation from Mnemon Sarissa, asking him to visit her in her workshop, where he finds her hard at work at her drafting table. They have an open discussion about the Warstrider and resolve to work closely together on matters relating to the great artifact.

The Dragons are summoned by the Prince and assemble in her audience chamber. The Prince bluntly tells them of an assassination plot against her and enlists their help in rooting it out.

V’neef Kai
V’neef Sylus
V’neef Lohlyn
Tepet Sanzo
Tepet Indaro
Tepet Delak
Peleps Meara
Cathak Shao Dun
Mnemon Sarissa


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