The Fall of Jiara

Fall of Jiara Act 2 Session 1-2

Oath of the Elements

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Mnemon Sarissa, thoughtful and creative as always, crafts an amber rose as she he heads to V’neef Kai’s villa; Kai accepts the gift graciously. The two enjoy a cordial discussion and begin to reconcile their past differences.

The Dragon-Blooded gather and enjoy a delicious meal with chilled wine; a fitting prelude to a great proposal.

After dinner, Peleps Meara and V’neef Kai take the Dragon-Blooded aside and propose an oath of kinship. The others express surprise and curiosity about the motivations driving Kai and Meara, but are respectful and receptive to the idea. Only the cynical Tepet Sanzo is truly skeptical. He questions whether the oath is a scheme of Kai’s to improve his political position, although he cloaks his suspicions by claiming he is simply surprised be included in the oath.

Shao, still Meara’s loyal lieutenant, is the first of the other three to commit to the oath. Sanzo and Sarissa, convinced of Kai’s honorable intentions, soon agree.

The oath of kinship is sworn, and the five dragons feel the pull of the elements binding them together. They look at each other in silent reflection, well aware of the importance of what has been done.

Mnemon Sarissa
V’neef Kai
Peleps Meara
Cathak Shao Dun
Tepet Sanzo


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